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7 Sleep Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep

in this video, Emma Hubbard, a pediatric occupational therapist shares 7 essential tips to dramatically improve your newborn's sleep, ensuring everyone in the family gets some much-needed rest. She addresses common challenges such as difficulty falling asleep, frequent night wakings, and a baby who will only sleep in your arms. These evidence-based strategies will help you navigate and improve your newborn’s sleep patterns. You'll learn key insights into the essentials of newborn sleep, starting with how to create an environment optimized for rest. From adjusting room temperature and lighting to using white noise, we cover all aspects of preparing the perfect sleep setting. Timing is crucial, and this video explains how to recognize sleep cues and establish a consistent bedtime routine that works for your baby. Additionally, she provides tips on soothing techniques and how to gently transition your baby to independent sleep. By implementing these practical and proven methods, you'll not only help your newborn sleep better but also enhance your own well-being. Watch now to transform your baby's sleep routine and enjoy more peaceful nights.

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